This past spring I was invited by Kathleen Navarrra to participate in the San Francisco Decorator Show House.  This year's show house took place at the Julia Morgan designed Elizabethan mansion at 3630 Jackson Street in Presidio Heights.  The home was built in 1917. 

Kathleen's company, Navarra Design, designed the kitchen, family room and the butler's pantry.  In addition, connected to this space was a balcony overlooking the backyard.


Before and after photos.

Kathleen invited me to help her create a balcony space that would be in keeping with the kitchen theme.  We chose to lay dark gray - 3/8" gravel on the floor.  This would instantly give the feeling of walking through a garden.  Three copper color metal containers were filled with espalier apple and orange trees.  To further enhance the kitchen garden feeling, the containers were filled with Strawberries "Albion", Lettuce "Drunken Woman Frizzy Headed", Lettuce "Rouge d'Hilver" and Red-Veined Dock.  Baby's Tears was used for the ground-cover.

The espalier "Six-in-One" Apple trees were grafted with Fuji, Gravenstein, Gala, Braeburn, Golden Delicious and Red Delicious apples.

Installation complete


The final balcony design complemented the beautiful room and provided a layer of interest between the indoor and outdoor space.  The balcony also proved that a small outdoor space could act as a "kitchen garden" yet still be sophisticated. 

Diseñador de Jardín,                                                                                                              



Espalier Apple trees viewed from inside.

Espalier Apple trees viewed from inside.