Low-voltage lights in the garden will make a world of difference.  The lights will provide saftey as well as ambiance to the garden.  Inaddition, garden lights will allow you to enjoy your garden into the evening hours.

The first step in designing your system is to determine what you want the lights to do for you.  Do you want to highlight a particular spot or focal point in your garden?  Is creating a safe passage along pathways and steps with lighting important?  Perhaps creating a subtle moonlight effect is your goal. 

Once you determine your needs, take a walk around your home and think of what garden features you would like to hightlight.  Keep in mind the mood you would like to create.  Are you looking for a romantic moonlit setting or a well lit entertaining space?  Also be sure to look out your windows to determine what garden features you would like to highlight when looking out into the garden.

Below are photos of a recent light installation I designed.  The photos show what the garden looks like during the day and night.  This particular garden has mature plant material, so using up-lights to accent the existing sculptural planting was a must.  A moonlit effect over the parterre garden was created by using soft down-lights. 

Photos by Mario Herrada

As you can see from the photos, outdoor lights not only provide drama to the garden but also allow you to relax or entertain well into the night.  Have fun discovering the beauty of your own garden at night. 

Diseñador de Jardín,